In the world of astrology, there can be moments when the daily, monthly, or yearly horoscope brings less than favorable news. But remember, these predictions are just guidelines and not definite realities. It’s essential to navigate these times with positivity and a proactive attitude. It’s also important to not label parts of your horoscope as ‘bad’, you never know what silver lining a cloud can bring.

Here are six things you can do if your horoscope is not looking too good.


1. Reflect on the Positives

Despite a horoscope that might seem negative, it’s important to take time to reflect on the positive aspects of your life. Sometimes, unfavorable forecasts can be an opportunity for reflection and growth. Try to find the silver lining in any situation. Often, the cosmos suggests a guideline but not a fixed path. Use this as an opportunity to intervene personally in your destiny. Engaging in meditation, pursuing a hobby or working on personal development can be ways to divert negative energies and foster positivity in your life.


2. Mantra Chanting

Chanting mantras, specific to the planet that is causing adverse effects, can potentially help in reducing the negative influences. Every planet is associated with a specific mantra. These mantras resonate with the unique vibrational frequency of the corresponding planet. For instance, the Sun, which signifies vitality and leadership, has the Gayatri Mantra. Similarly, other planets have their distinct mantras that capture their essence and influence.

When chanted with dedication, intention, and regularity, these mantras have the potential to invoke the benevolent aspects of the planetary energies, mitigating any adversities and enhancing positive influences.

The align27 app provides bespoke mantras that you can chant that are relevant to your birth chart.


3. Spiritual Cleansing

Fasting on specific days dedicated to particular planets can also help in reducing the adverse effects of those planets. The fasting methods vary from planet to planet, and it usually includes refraining from eating certain types of food.

The methodology of these fasts is as diverse as the planets themselves. While the underlying principle remains abstention from food or a particular diet, the specifics can vary. For instance, fasting for Lord Shani (Saturn) might entail abstaining from all food during daylight hours, whereas fasting for Lord Vishnu on ‘Ekadashi’ would mean avoiding grains. Each fast has its unique set of guidelines that dictate not only the diet but also accompanying rituals, prayers, and mantras.

Beyond the astrological implications, fasting serves as a period of reflection, where individuals can connect more deeply with their inner selves, understanding the motives, desires, and patterns that drive them. This introspection is often amplified by the heightened clarity that comes with fasting. align27 will highlight when these dates are approaching in the app within the rituals section.


4. Donating

Donating can be a potent remedy in Vedic astrology. Depending on the planetary positions, giving away specific items to the needy can help in alleviating the negative influences of certain planets. The planets govern various aspects of our existence. Sometimes, their positions can cast adverse effects on an individual’s life, manifesting in various challenges or obstacles. However, these celestial bodies also respond to the energies we emit through our deeds. Hence, donating specific items associated with these planets can pacify their negative influences.

For instance, if an individual is facing hardships due to the malefic effects of Saturn, donating black items, sesame seeds, or items made of iron can help in mitigating these adversities. Similarly, donating white items or rice might be recommended for those affected by the Moon’s unfavorable position.

The act of giving is not just about materialistic items. It’s a gesture that signifies letting go, compassion, and a genuine desire to aid those in need. When an individual donates with a pure heart, they not only help others but also cleanse their own karmic path, paving the way for positive energies and blessings.


5. Puja and Homas

Conducting pujas and homas, which are special rituals, can be a powerful remedy. They serve as a conduit between the mortal realm and the divine, ensuring a flow of positive energy. These ceremonies aren’t just ritualistic in nature; they serve a deeper, astrological purpose and act as remedies to balance the energies in your birth chart, either mitigating their malefic effects of the panets or bolstering their beneficial influences.

We offer Puja and Homa services that are conducted professionally, authentically and precisely by priests who have been trained in South India since childhood and are an excellent remedy to mitigate and pacify or enhance and support planetary placements that require it.


6. Embark on a Sacred Journey

Undertaking pilgrimages to specific temples, known to appease certain planets, can also be a fruitful remedy. By visiting specific temples known for their unique vibrational energies, one can harness these divine frequencies to rectify and balance the cosmic influences reflected in their birth charts.

Each temple is linked to a specific deity, legend, or planetary energy. The very foundation of these temples, their consecration, and the rituals practiced in them are designed to invoke and sustain specific cosmic energies.

The efficacy of these pilgrimages isn’t just in the act of visiting. The journey itself, marked by contemplation, rituals, and self-discipline, amplifies the transformative potential of the pilgrimage. The very act of traveling, leaving behind one’s comfort zone, and immersing oneself in devotion can lead to significant personal and spiritual growth.

Ancient scriptures and astrological texts are replete with stories that highlight the significance of these pilgrimages as remedies for planetary afflictions.

The align27 app delivers daily personalized rituals curated according to your unique horoscope, guiding you on a path of wellness and harmony.

Enhance your journey further with our Vedic Life Coaching Consultation or Complete Birth Chart Analysis, services dedicated to helping you navigate planetary transits with insightful and transformative remedies.

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