Jupiter is going in forwards motion, and from September 19th enters Purva Ashada Pada 4, the last segment of this nakshatra, until October 30th.

This still remains within the sign of Sagittarius, where Jupiter is most at home, so you have the talent to think big, to plan and be prophetic and create the future with a bold vision. 

Jupiter also has a healing effect through this transit, where troubles and stresses from the recent past are eased, and you start looking forwards instead of back.

 The fourth pada of Purva Ashada is in Scorpio navamsha – the relationship and spirituality chart – ruled by Mars, which focuses on drive and desire, and you can use energy and initiative to build your ambitions and capitalize on the opportunities of the time. 

Purva Ashada is linked with indomitable strength and its fiesty Mars-ruled influence agitates and motivates, where any remaining obstacles are confronted head-on. Purva Ashada’s Shakti or unique power is also for invigoration, so this is a time of renewed assaults and mobilizing, and you may revisit opportunities from February time when Jupiter was last in this area. 

Purva Ashada’s symbol is a sieve or winnowing fan, which is used to separate wheat from the chaff, so you can apply Jupiter’s spiritual nature to sort out your personal beliefs and decide what works and what needs adjusting. 

This nakshatra is ruled by Apah, or Lord Jal the personification of water, which brings lessons associated with this element – either spending time near water, travelling overseas, or getting new inspiration from being in the waters of meditation.

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