Mercury, planet of communication and intellect, is in Ashwini in the sign of Aries from March 25th to Apr 9th 2024.

Ashwini’s special power, for Quick Action, shows speed of thought and making your mind up quickly, where your impulses get you ahead of the competition. This transit, however, takes in Mercury’s retrograde phase from April 1st onwards, and it pays to think ahead and perhaps defer a hasty decision.

You can take advantage of a second offer, or shop around for the best possible deal, and still resist the instinct to jump in head-first. Or else you use some speedy thinking to exit a deal or date, when otherwise you would remain in place and accept the outcome.

Safe options have no appeal for you now, even if you are left with some explaining to do by backing out of a commitment. Luckily, Ashwini is known for fine personal qualities as well as fiery speech, and you can be wise and measured, with diplomatic skills to balance all options.

People appreciate your straightforward talk, as long as you keep it civilized – personal charm carries you a long way, and friends like being around your can-do mentality. The influence of smart, strategic Saturn on Mercury also gives you greater forethought and ability to make a mature choice.

This nakshatra is lorded by the Ashvini Kumaras, the divine physicians, so this transit also has an association with medicine and taking care of people, which for Mercury, may involve studying more about your healing and lifestyle path.

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