The Lunar Eclipse of March 25th in Virgo-Hasta, is the first of a pair, with April’s Solar eclipse coming two weeks later.

The Moon here is almost totally obscured by the Earth’s shadow, with just a faint ring of light being visible around its edge. Symbolically, this event shows your inner, emotional life being swallowed up and people around you acting in an extravagant, though possibly uptight and unpredictable way.

This is a Full Moon eclipse, where the psychic lunar energy is at its height and a phase of recent activity comes to a peak. You feel a sense of completion and relief afterwards, and can draw a line under the past, but on the day, you may be tired or restless and find it hard to focus.

For this reason, eclipses are moments to avoid for key actions and decisions, and you might wait at least 24 hours before making any important commitment. This eclipse also occurs with a stubborn planetary conjunction in Aquarius, of diplomatic Venus, fiery Mars and sober Saturn, which may see a dispute arise where nobody is prepared to budge.

Despite attempts at reconciliation, the eclipse may only intensify peoples’ differences, so be mindful not to fuel a tricky situation still further. The Moon sitting with mystical, sacrificing Ketu in Virgo, gives great promise for yoga and meditation, however, and you tap into a deep connective experience and perhaps a flash of intuition.

Chanting a mantra of the Moon has a powerful effect and promotes a sense of inner calm and confidence. You get excellent value for all spiritual work, especially if you are in the Eclipse’s global path of totality, across Europe, West Africa, the Americas, the Pacific region, Japan and Australia.

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