Sun, planet of soul and self-expression, travels through Ardra within the sign of Gemini from June 22nd to July 6th. 

This asterism’s ruler is Rudra, the Storm God, and its symbol of the Teardrop, shows a cathartic moment where stress or sentiment overwhelms you, before you emerge feeling lighter and easier. This is much like sunlight coming out after a thunderstorm, and the Sun’s entry into this nakshatra is one moment used to predict the monsoon season.

You may feel inwardly flooded, or at least pulled between great extremes of feeling, first cool and detached, then intense and emotional, alternating side by side. This nakshatra’s nature is sharply different to the traditional light, bubbly Gemini qualities, and takes you into deeper territory where your intuition comes into play and you disengage from past, difficult memories.

The Sun shows you symbolically fighting a heroic battle, and shining light on areas of life which were hidden or dormant, and facing a challenge which requires strong nerve and willpower. Ardra’s Shakti, or special gift, is also for ‘Effort’, where you step up to perform a difficult task other people can’t, or would rather not, face.

The first two days of this transit, up to June 24th, finds the Sun hemmed between the harmonious planets Mercury and Venus, and you can win friends and attract support for a tricky or sensitive mission.

You also earn a reputation for a cool head in a crisis and use your insight into people from a therapeutic point of view, especially in the heightened atmosphere around July 3rd’s Full Moon.

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