Mars, planet of energy and dynamism is in the Gandanta zone between water and fire zodiacal signs and nakshatras from June 25th to July 6th 2023.

Cancer and Leo, and Ashlesha and Magha, are sharply contrasting energies, and any planet moving through this ‘knot-end’ phase feels a sense of adjustment, where there is a fated and unsupported quality.

Mars is not comfortable by sign in Cancer, and the first half of this period may find you reluctant to assert yourself, unless you are motivated, or even perhaps feel threatened. This is especially so with Mars being closely together with diplomatic Venus up to June 30th, where you attempt to achieve a balance between speaking up and being over-reactive or unpredictable.

Somebody may be surprised if your romantic attentions change abruptly after this date, and you also receive an unexpected reaction. Mars in Ashlesha, the Serpent Nakshatra, gives you awareness of undercurrents in people and atmospheres, but try not to be too sensitive or see a slight where none was intended.

Moving through the Gandanta zone is like a no-man’s-land before Mars emerges in showy, flamboyant Leo-Magha, demanding praise and attention. You become the knight in armour, crusading for yourself and your loved ones on a grand mission.

This is more natural behaviour for Mars, but the issue remains of achieving some energetic poise, and not going too far in demanding recognition. It is not the time to push a new ambition yet, but to test the water and wait until you are sure the setting is going to support you.

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