Mercury, planet of the mind, is in conjunction with the Sun in Gemini from June 25th until July 8th 2023.

Mercury in strength in Gemini, gives you a curious and questioning mentality that values knowledge for its own sake. You are a natural scholar and teacher, a quick study, with a flair for numbers and languages, and you value anyone with a lively wit and sense of humour.

The Sun shines a light on Mercury’s quest for knowledge, and gives you an added pride in your problem-solving ability. Mercury is often found in the same sign as the Sun, but here in Gemini you reveal all your mental gifts and versatility, as well as a certain detachment that sees the world in terms of pure ideas.

Both these planets in Ardra nakshatra from June 27th until July 2nd also find you with a strong sentimental streak that you must keep in check in order to focus on real-world business. An instinctive populist, you also understand complex ideas and make them accessible to others, and have a flair for doing lucrative deals.

Bring diverse people together, and a creative meeting of minds is good from an academic and commercial angle. This transit grows in strength as it progresses and comes to a peak on July 1st, when Mercury and the Sun are exactly together.

Though you are smart and sharp, a day on either side of this date may find you highly strung, or under pressure from authority or a strict deadline. It’s as if Mercury is ‘eclipsed’ at this point and you may paint a problem to be worse than it really is – talk to a friend and get a perspective on the matter.

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