Mercury, planet of the mind, and Venus, planet of relationship, come together in Leo from July 25th to August 7th 2023.

This pair are planetary friends, which makes a good transit for harmonious speech and smoothing over difficulties in relationship. Though your views are fixed to the point of stubbornness, you are also charming and conciliatory, and make moves to reach out to socially and draw a new crowd around you.

Leo gives you a natural and inspiring warmth, and you are generous with gifts and complements. You love to flirt and make introductions among friends, but make sure you are not misunderstood – with Venus retrograde especially, some people may mistake your friendly vibes more to heart than you intend.

You can also intercede in a dispute and be the voice of diplomatic reason at work. This transit is most intense around July 27th to 28th, when you cannot help being open and forgiving, and say all the right things – still, make sure that any real underlying obstacle is properly addressed.

Channel your dramatic flair into creative writing, along with any craft or handiwork that uses an artistic touch, where you produce excellent work and also give yourself useful therapy. Mercury and Venus receive the direct glance of sober Saturn through this whole transit, which peaks around August 2nd.

Your communication takes on an extra seriousness at this point and a plan or project may come together under pressure of a business or academic deadline. Strike a balance between your personal and work life, and this a good opportunity for a friendly conversation with your partner to adjust your routines and find yourselves more quality time.

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