Jupiter, a planet of expansion and belief, is combusted by the Sun from May 4th to June 3rd, 2024.

Combustion arises when a planet moves too close to the Sun and is effectively burnt up in its glare. Jupiter is obscured in the sky, and its influence is dimmed, to the point where it becomes powerless to act. Jupiter and the Sun are planetary friends and together have the promise of adventure and support, but now is not the time to over-expand or trust luck.

Both these planets are known for confidence and spontaneity, but flying too close to the Sun can lead you to breeze through every situation and rely on pure bravado. High on ego, but low on real self-esteem, you are better off working slowly towards your goals than gambling on a get-rich-quick scheme.

On the other extreme, you may lack the instinct to pick a good opportunity and become so risk-averse that a lucky break passes you by. You become a great sceptic and need a kind of road map or guarantee before you move forward.

A powerful personality who overshadows your life and work may also be on your mind, to the point where you ignore your own talent and worth. Find a good advisor whose opinion you trust, or at least get information from a number of different sources. This transit is at its most intense from May 15th to 25th, when long-term planning is especially difficult.

Put full faith in rituals and proper spiritual knowledge, even if it means results are slower to arrive. Relax. Not everything will turn on one decision, and it’s okay to wait before jumping on a tempting offer.

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