Every month there is a 2.5 day period during when we might feel a little restless or unsettled for no apparent reason and your mind may feel agitated and negative. This Moon 2.5 day period is called Chandrashtama.

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In vedic astrology our mind is represented by the planet Moon. As the Moon travels through the zodiac, it spends approximately 2.5 days in one zodiac sign – when the Moon is 8 signs away from the natal moon (the Moon sign from our birth horoscope) we call it “Chandra Ashtama” – Chandra meaning moon, Ashtama meaning eight.

During this short Moon 2.5 day transit it is advisable to not make important decisions, as we may have the clarity of mind to do so and we should try and avoid, where possible, taking on new projects or big tasks.

When faced with difficult or confrontational conversations, it is also best during these 2.5 days, to opt for the path of silence rather than try to use your words to explain yourself, as there is a chance your words could be misunderstood.

You can see when these Moon 2.5 days are coming up for you and for your profile’s, by adding the FREE add-on onto your align27 app home screen.

We also show rituals you can do during these days in the Rituals section, to help you through the period.

You can also set Notifications to be alerted when these days are coming up – so you don’t ever get caught off guard 🙂

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