What to do and what not to do – here’s your list for December.

Tap below to see personalized do’s and don’ts based on your Vedic Moon sign in your birth chart (which we calculate for you in the align27 app).

December 2 – 8
Venus in Gandanta ~ Undoing a romantic knot

Keep things simple romantically, Negotiate carefully, Shift your creative work in a new direction.

Don’t be tempted into a sudden change of heart in a relationship.

December 3 – 12
Mercury in Mula ~ Get into the root cause

Dive deep into a complex subject, Explore new thinking and connections, Make sales and strike business deals.

Don’t be motivated by material gain, Don’t borrow or gamble.

December 3 – January 16, 2023
Sun in Jyeshtha ~ Shining light on a contest

Take a leading and responsible role, Find new insight into creativity and personal charisma, Use your powers to help a friend make money and raise your own cash, Channel your sense of rivalry.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone against opposition, Don’t encroach on someone else’s territory, Don’t be too impulsive.

December 4 – February 24, 2023
Mars in Rohini ~ Assert yourself in style

Take your time, Let events unfold naturally, Focus on avenues that bring reward, Make contacts, Put efforts into art and creativity.

December 5 – 16
Venus in Mula ~ Get past surface appearances

Set a good foundation in your partnership, Break away from routine in your relationship, Strip down and simplify your world, Use your gift of persuasion and sweet speech.

Don’t get into indulgence or financial speculation.

December 12 – 19
Sun in Gandanta ~ Courage to start again

Be careful of people taking advantage of your hesitation, Stand up for yourself, Plan ahead, Put your ideas into the world.

Don’t take your fiery and impulsive energy too far.

December 12 – 22
Mercury in Purva Ashada~ An inspiring new idea

Gather information that broadens your understanding of the world, Be an effective salesperson, Campaign, write or speak out for a cause, Travel by sea or learn swimming or sailing, Reach out to a friend who has fallen out of touch.

December 14 – January 17, 2023
Saturn in Dhanishtha Pada 2 ~ Success third time around

Accept the outcome of your back and forth plan, whatever it may be, Use your gift of smart handling of day to day business, Make your operation smoother, Take the spotlight and get credit for your contribution, Spread your message more widely.

December 16 – 26
Venus in Purva Ashada ~ A romantic reawakening

Take a holiday by the sea, Bond with someone over a discussion, Go on a romantic journey overseas, Use your gift for speaking and writing.

December 16 – 29
Sun in Mula ~ Shine a light on your roots

Start a new business or study a new subject, Put in the hours behind the scenes.

Dont chase for fame or profit.

December 19 – February 20, 2023
Rahu in Bharani Pada 1 ~ A desire to be different

Put in the hours behind the scenes, Become an expert in your subject beyond the ordinary, Reorder your life along new lines, Pause and consider your next move before leaping in, Channel your competitive drive in a positive direction, Don’t be afraid to go against the flow.

December 19 – February 20, 2023
Ketu in Swati Pada 3 ~ Create a shared vision

Combine talents with others in an avant-garde direction, Be creative in a structured and ambitious way, Focus your interests, Dedicate time to your spiritual goals through meditation and mantra-chanting, Focus on the real-world.

Don’t let your future dreams become too wide-spread.

December 22 – January 4, 2023
Mercury in Uttara Ashada ~ Victory in a war of words

Get business and major decisions fixed in the first part of the month, Spend energy on ideas and inspiration, Make friends and alliances, Get your point across through writing or speech, Be on hand to offer advice to a friend.

December 26 – January 6, 2023
Venus in Uttara Ashadha ~ Removing an obstacle to relationship

Take matters slowly and thoroughly, Make contacts for the long term, Pay attention and read the signals to find a romantic partner, Create peace and harmony between people.

Don’t take on too much at once.

December 28 – January 21, 2023
Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada Pada 2 ~ Big picture and fine detail

Substitute immediate rewards in pursuit of a bigger ultimate return, Find a role that brings out both intellect and philosophy, Explore your flair for communication or a foreign language, Make decisions that benefit everyone.

December 29 – January 18, 2023
Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn/Sagittarius ~ A second chance brings victory

Devote extra time to editing and double-checking Invest up front on a media professional, Back up your data, Allow extra time for your travel plans, Get across all the details in a campaign, Resist pressure to make a quick decision.

December 29 – January 11, 2023
Sun in Purva Ashada ~ React smartly and stay undefeated

Air your differences openly to keep the peace, Spend time near the sea, Decide which parts of your life to improve on and which to invest in.

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