Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and protection, is in Rohini pada (part) four within the sign of Taurus from July 30th to August 20th, 2024.

This transit is part of Jupiter’s swift movement through Taurus in 2024, where it pays you to be alert to an offer or career break as it arises. Taurus is not a friendly sign for Jupiter, but Pada four of Rohini relates to Cancer Navamsha, the area where Jupiter is at its most giving and powerful. This contrast between sign and pada requires you to be thorough and careful while rewarding your generous instincts and gestures.

In a relationship especially, your protective side expands as you provide for your partner and they appreciate you as a pillar of support. You may be trusting to the point of naivety, but still give people the benefit of the doubt, and come out ahead as a result. Good fortune comes to find you spontaneously without any planning, and your returns in business are out of proportion to your investment.

Rohini’s Shakti ‘To Grow’, is also a good place for Jupiter’s expansive nature where you have space to think big and build for the future. Pada Four of a nakshatra relates to the Moksha tendency in life, which is about transcendence and finding ultimate liberation. You have inner richness and a powerful experience in meditation or on a retreat is a spiritual eye-opener.

From August 12th, Jupiter also has a more dynamic and assertive quality, where you stand up for your beliefs and may challenge anyone who disagrees. Be careful of a dispute with a teacher or father figure, and instead channel your energy into education, yoga, or a spur-of-the-moment trip away.

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