Venus, planet of relating and luxuries, enters the nakshatra of Hasta in the sign of Virgo on August 19thuntil 31st.

This nakshatra is symbolised by a Hand and is known for seizing, taking, and all activities associated with sleight of hand. You may encounter people who are closed or guarded in their affections, or else you test the waters in a situation before declaring your hand.

Hasta is known as a trickster with a good sense of fun, though you may sometime over-think a relationship – it’s as well to be open and transparent here, even if you suspect you are not getting the same in return. This asterism is ruled by Savitri, which is the Sun, so there’s a sense of illumination here where you discover something new about yourself and your partner.

Venus likes to be on good terms with everyone, so the time has come to make peace and shake hands after a disagreement. This is also a good time for crafts, handiwork, and things with an artistic and Venusian flavour, so it’s good to show off your creative touch and prove what you can do.

Though achieving your goals may come through steady effort and repetition, Hasta’s Shakti or unique power, is for Manifestation, so you can literally put your dreams and desires into your own hands. Think big in whatever game you are playing, including relationship, of course, even if you’re more in the mood to relate on a mental level than dive into a passionate affair.

Venus is joined by clear-thinking Mercury in Virgo by August 27th, which lifts Venus’s strength and allows you to make a romantic call that has remained in the balance.

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