Saturn will go retrograde from 4th June to 23th October, first in the sign of Aquarius and then into Capricorn. Be prepared to practise discipline, hold off on your decision making, and to reflect on your learning over the past few months.

We are all familiar with the bad press that surrounds planetary retrogrades – the confusion, delays, revisions. So when we hear that Saturn, the often feared planet of restriction and discipline, is going retrograde it might send a shiver down your spine. Yet it’s important to remember that Saturn goes retrograde every year and impacts everyone on the planet. Rather than being anxious at the prospect of this cosmic phenomenon, we simply have to be aware, understand and learn to work with it. When we are able to react positively, it can bring great learning and growth.

Saturn Retrograde is a chance for us to slow down and reflect. It signifies a time for us to review, reassess and reimagine the areas of our life ruled by Saturn – discipline, hard work, purification, service and humility. Saturn is a major and slow moving planet. When it begins to go retrograde, our patience may be tested and it could feel as though life is coming to a halt. The effect of a planet is often felt stronger and more directly when it goes retrograde because it is closest to Earth at that time. We may experience a lack of mental clarity at this time, so it’s best to hold off on any life-changing decisions until Saturn goes direct again.

When Saturn is in retrograde it’s our second chance to set things straight. If we failed to learn our lessons during its previous transit, then, as it turns back we get a second chance to correct it. Retrograde Saturn is in no hurry, it will give us plenty of time to master its lessons before we move ahead. We must erase from our minds that Saturn is a malefic (unfavorable) planet out to create obstacles, distress and suffering for us – this is not the case. Each planet guides us to our final destination, which is towards the ‘Self’.

Here are a few rituals you can do to sail through this Saturn Retrograde. You can also use the align27 app to see how Saturn’s movements affect you personally according to your own birth chart.

  1. Pause and reflect on whatever has occurred in your life these past few months. Write down all the unpleasant experiences and then the lessons that each of these events have taught you – evaluate if you have learnt anything from these lessons and if not what commitment you will take to do so.
  2. Show discipline and observe a partial or full fast on the Saturdays during Saturn retrograde. Saturday is the day ruled by Saturn.
  3. Practice Pranayama or breath control exercises each day for a few minutes during the retrograde – Saturn is a Vayu (air element) planet so Pranayama is one of the most effective remedies to deal with the Saturnian energy.
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