Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and ambition, is in pada three of Krittika nakshatra from December 7th to February 8th 2022.

This pada relates to Aquarius Navamsha, the sub-chart of spirituality and relationship, which gives an underlying humanitarian side to your drive for security and grounding. Krittika is symbolized by a Flame or a Razor Blade, which shows a discriminating mentality and a scenario where you want everything immediately.

Though Taurus inclines naturally to comfort and the conventional route, Rahu is a contrary and rebellious energy, and your mission is to find a middle way between conformity and being your own person. Krittika’s Shakti, or special power, is ‘To Burn’, so between this fiery quality and the underlying Aquarius influence, you might want to create a secure base in life through a humanitarian connection and making the world a better place.

Part grounded, part progressive, you have a great fixity and stubbornness and can assert yourself through willpower and affirmation. Try to remain open-minded, however, and appreciate others have their own creative take on any subject.

As well as its underlying Saturn-ruled Aquarius dyamic, Rahu influences Saturn in Capricorn through this entire transit, which gives still more weight to the balance between innovation and consolidation. From December 6th to January 16th also, dynamic Mars affects the Rahu-Ketu axis, giving you an added assertiveness, and a willingness to go further and harder in your quest.

Be careful of arousing opposition among your co-workers, however, and making a transition to a new role more complex and difficult than it needs to be. This transit gives you courage and energy, and you are ready not only to embrace change but to go into battle for your desires.

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