Venus, planet of art and relating, is in Sagittarius-Mula from January 3rd to 14th, the nakshatra associated with the essentials and foundations.

This is time to explore the basics in your relationship, to drill down past superficial appearances and get into the heart of the matter. Mula’s symbol is a Root, which shows its position at the astronomical centre of our Galaxy and also its desire to explore its issues deeply and thoroughly. Venus is also the planet of money and luxuries, and it sits strangely here in such an ascetic asterism – it’s time to sort out your ultimate values and decide what is important in your personal life.

It isn’t quite as simple as love versus money, but you may forgoe regular frills and trappings in favour of quality time with someone you truly see the sense of. Mula is ruled by Nirriti who represents accidents and mishaps, and who is also identified with Goddess Alakshmi who governs shortage and privation. So this is traditionally not a good transit for indulgence or financial speculation, but more for plain living and high thinking.

Expressing yourself creatively now also comes more for the love of your art than for any financial or ego rewards. Chanting a mantra for Lakshmi redresses the balance between material and spiritual and allows you to have a little more quality. This nakshatra’s Shakti or special gift, is also the power ‘To Ruin and Destroy’, which clearly can be difficult in a relationship, unless you are super-conscious and use the time to root out old romantic patterns and habits.

An approach like this only works when your partner shares the journey with you, and you may be careful of taking a too-extreme or otherworldly attitude in love. The first two days of this transit especially may bring an sudden or unexpected change of heart, but keep things real and don’t react too quickly if somebody seems to be behaving out of character.

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