Most of us spend about a third of our lives at work. That’s a pretty huge amount of time, isn’t it? And especially recently, as working from home or in a hybrid way has become a major phenomenon, we often end up working even longer hours with fewer or shorter breaks.

We often hear about the importance of work-life balance for our mental wellbeing. But what if, instead of assuming that work is energy-draining and then relying on our leisure time to recuperate and rejuvenate, we can improve the energy of our workplace and make it a more nourishing place to be?

Here are 3 tips to do exactly that. Give them a go and see how they enhance the good vibes in your workplace, whether it’s in an office or in a corner of your home!

Set up your Desk for Success

Vastu is a traditional Indian system of design for buildings and uses principles to rectify energy imbalances. According to Vastu, it is auspicious to work facing the north, northeast or east directions, so if possible set up your desk so you are facing one of these ways. Facing east is particularly good for entrepreneurs, and is said to bring inspiration and promote peak work performance.

If you are able to influence the color of your office space, then light yellow is a great color to choose, as it is mentally stimulating yet not distracting. If physically painting the walls is against the office protocol then you can still keep some light yellow colored items or pictures around your work area.

In addition, it is recommended to keep your belongings, papers, files and stationary well organized. As well as keeping your space neat and saving you time in finding your items, this promotes a clear, positive flow of energy. Our external environment can reflect in our internal world and vice versa. So maintaining a clean, tidy workspace helps us keep our mind clutter-free so we can easily focus on the tasks at hand.

You can use the vastufy app to get suggestions for your property based on Vastu principles so that you can harness the maximum potential of natural energies and create harmony in the space.

Keep the Air Fresh and Fragrant

Have you experienced sitting in a warm, stuffy meeting room? Stagnant air can make us feel tired and unmotivated. If you work in an enclosed space then opening the windows regularly is an easy and effective way to remove the stale energy in the room.

Diffusing essential oils in the space can also help. Enhance your fiery, work-motivated ‘Sun’ energy and improve your focus by burning scents like ginger and cinnamon. And tap into Mercury’s creative and communicative abilities by choosing minty and herby scents like thyme, sage, tulsi or peppermint.

Most importantly, select a fragrance that you are attracted to and that creates the right kind of environment for your work. Put a couple of drops of essential oil in a diffuser and notice how it not only creates a pleasant, fragrant environment, but also has a positive effect on the way you feel at work.

Introduce Energy Enhancing Plants

If you work a lot on the computer, surround yourself with plants and items of a green color. This will allow your eyes to rest and will enhance your focus. Scientific studies have shown that plants have the ability to filter toxins out of the air and lower the body’s response to stress.

But Vastu teaches us to be conscious of which plants you bring into your space. The Tulsi (holy basil) plant is very auspicious due to its strong spiritual energy, and is best planted in the east or northeast corner area of the property. Cactus and Bonsai on the other hand are believed to bring in negative energy, which can result in bad luck. The same goes for dead or decaying plants of any sort, which should be immediately removed from your space in order to maintain a healthy environment and harmonious flow of energy.

To get a detailed understanding of how to enhance your environment through the ancient science of Vastu, you can check out the vastufy app. Vastu divides up your home into zones that represent different aspects of your life – relationships, finance, success, career, happiness and health, and highlights areas that are energetically neglected. It’ll provide you with specific tips to manage energy within the spaces you spend time in, and indicate how you can create harmony between you and your environment.

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