The Sun, ruler of soul and self-expression, is in the Gandanda zone between Pisces and Aries and the nakshatras of Revati and Ashwini on April 10th until 17th.

This is a double-border area extending either side of zodiacal fire and water signs and asterisms, which can bring a period of instability: your plans may ‘fall through the cracks’ and you have trouble getting your intentions pushed through.

You have ego wrapped up in the Sun’s position and put on a big display, but you may find a lack of support under your feet, or are unsure of yourself, at least for the first three days of this transit.

The last part of Revati, April 10th-13th gives extra emphasis to imagination and empathy, and these qualities will be more useful than the usual solar display.

Still, make sure to mix widely and make yourself known, as the gandanta energy can be otherworldly and self-sabotaging, and some may mistake your quiet demeanour for lack of confidence.

Revati’s Shakti is ‘To Protect’, and you can be positive and supportive towards somebody at the start of this phase, and also make time for some self-love. By April 13th, the Sun shifts into Aries, its strongest sign, and the atmosphere changes abruptly.

Plans you thought up in private go out into the world, and the assertiveness you lacked comes back redoubled. Ashwini’s Shakti is ‘to quickly reach things’, and you put your power down and act immediately when your intentions are clear.

Still, watch for swinging to the opposite extreme and having a grand idea that turns out to be unworkable in the real world. The Sun joins Venus, planet of relationship in Aries, so appealing to a friend or partner helps you get through the gandanta ‘knot’ and a classy touch is appreciated when it matters.

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