Mercury, planet of thought and commerce, is in close proximity to the Sun in Taurus from June 18th to July 14th 2023.

This is Mercury ‘combustion’ or burnt-up phase, where the Sun’s rays have an overpowering effect on your decision-making and overall train of thought. It can be hard to concentrate on a particular issue, and you are mindful of a person in authority who has strong influence over you.

You may feel your ideas are being overlooked and that you lack a voice in an important discussion. Academic or business deadlines seem especially stressful, and you do not produce your best work when you are hurried and pressured. You may also retreat into a stubborn or slightly defensive mind-set, where you resist innovation and only go with what you are sure of.

Remain open to others’ input, and advice from a neutral outsider may be key to getting the best outcome. The Sun’s presence invests you with pride in your problem-solving ability, too, and you work extra hard to be noticed for intelligence and fluency.

In Taurus, your mentality is earthy and practical, and you are also attracted to the elegance of an idea and its aesthetic quality. People respond well to your personal charm, which you may be unaware of.

The Sun-Mercury combination creates Budhaditya Yoga, which gives gifts of learning, and commercial skill, where your need for security and fine-quality can get you an excellent investment or purchase.

With extra effort, this can be a good time to excel in the classroom, and do well with creative writing, when you allow your imagination to flow.

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