Venus, planet of love and luxury, is in Ashlesha in the sign of Cancer, from June 17th to July 6th 2023.

Known as the Clinging Star, Ashlesha’s symbol of a coiled serpent gives insight into character and the potential to make shrewd moves. This nakshatra’s rulers are The Nagas, divine shape-shifting cobras, equally venomous and protective, which describe your tenacious romantic style.

The ‘serpent nakshatra’ suspects all kinds of hidden motives and secret romantic liaisons, and stirs ‘green-eye’ sexual jealousy and psychological game-playing. If you receive attention or flattery, check the giver’s motivation, and be wary of anyone trying to get close for political advantage.

You are loyal towards those closest to you, but be careful that your affections don’t become too intense or possessive.  There is a hypnotic quality to your relationships in this transit, where you are attracted to a mysterious and enchanting person, or exercise a powerful fascination of your own.

Ashlesha’s Shakti is ‘To Inject Venom’, and you should be aware of your capability to bite, as well as being mindful to avoid toxic situations, both personally and in business. Venus moves closely together with dynamic Mars, also in Ashlesha, up to June 30th, and an impulsive romantic move may upset your careful calculations and reveal your secrets too soon.

Though a brief lesson in love disrupts your illusions, you are left ultimately stronger and wiser. You may wish to explore Ashlesha’s esoteric side, but this transit gives you worldly wisdom too, in the form of a character with knowledge and influence to share.

Serpent symbolism is also associated with the kundalini energy at the base of the spine, which is raised in moments of high passion or deep meditation.

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