Jupiter, planet of protection and expansion, is in Bharani nakshatra pada (part) one, in the sign of Aries, from June 21st to July 10th 2023.

This pada relates to Leo navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and spirituality, which gives your personal philosophy a grand and theatrical quality. Between its sign and nakshatra position, Jupiter operates in a doubly fiery way that relies on a kind of intuitive certainty and affirmation.

Your creative gifts are enlivened and you have a flair for the arts and drama, which can put a deeper meaning into your life. The first nakshatra pada is also naturally associated with the Dharma quality, or Right Action, where you follow spiritual truth in alignment with your highest principles.

Bharani’s name means ‘she who bears’ and is associated with giving birth – both as in having children, and also making plans and creative ideas, where your Leo-ruled generosity likes to donate and provide. Jupiter’s broad-ranging quality finds you with new concepts and horizons to pursue, which sits alongside a maternal quality that favours home building and hospitality.

Being around your largeness of spirit also has an uplifting effect on others. The Shakti of this asterism ‘the power to carry things away’, describes a soul journey, or transformative experience, and a leap of faith sits naturally with Jupiter’s perpetual quest for meaning.

Jupiter begins this transit under the close influence of Saturn, planet of boundaries and karma, which is going retrograde. You may be under pressure to deliver a professional outcome, or else have your creative side limited by the overbearing attention of an authority figure.

Make sure your plans are sustainable and that you have both the practical and academic side of any new venture properly covered.

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