Mercury goes retrograde in Libra-Swati from October 14th, before reversing back into Chitra by October 27th and then turns direct on November 3rd.

This is a medium-length retrograde period of 21 days, where Mercury’s movement remains steady, and as such it avoids the drawn-out frustration of the longest and slowest retrograde phases. There are still delays and frustration in communication, and it’s worth leaving extra time for messages to arrive and to arrive at your destination. 

It’s always a good idea to back up your data carefully: any problems with your media or technology leads you to explore the issues and you emerge from this transit wiser and better-informed. Think through any major promise or purchase, especially since Mercury is aspected by sober Saturn through its whole retrograde phase; an effect which grows stronger towards November 3rd. This gives you discipline and practicality, and makes a good time to re-think and edit your writing – and to get it all down in a presentable form. 

Window-shop and do your research, and don’t be afraid to hold off a purchase, even if an offer appears too good to miss: a solution you could not possibly have foreseen arrives once Mercury goes direct. 

Hidden opportunities also appear and you may reconsider an old job application or romantic proposition and feel readier for a challenge or commitment. 

Mercury in Libra has a charming and diplomatic quality, and you have the gift of saying the right thing at the right time. You can also flirt and match-make. Expect to catch up with an old friend during October, which comes either from your curiosity or a chance ‘fated’ meeting, where someone arrives in your life for a purpose.

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