Mars, planet of energy and competition, goes retrograde into Pisces-Revati on October 4th, altogether until December 25th 2020.

Its retrograde phase stretches until November 14th, which for a naturally pushy and aggressive planet needs careful handling: most situations can wait if you see progress towards a goal, but you are easily frustrated now when results don’t happen immediately. 

There are similarities with Mercury retrograde during this spell, where rather than start over or buy fresh, you can re-do, repair, and light a fire underneath a trail that has gone cold: ‘Make haste slowly’, as the old saying has it. 

Though you need longer to bring about your intentions, Mars retrograde sees you revisiting business from mid-June to mid-August 2020when it was last in Pisces. Going now from Aries-Ashwini to Pisces-Revati, Mars backs through the Gandanta zone, the unstable and fated area between fire and water signs. Try not to change your course too abruptly, and check if your plans are sound and supported before committing yourself. 

Mars is the Commander in Chief in the Jyotish planetary cabinet and so retains its usual assertiveness, but transiting in Pisces has a subtler psychological edge which doesn’t just run through walls. In the water element, Mars responds to well-directed intent backed up with consistent meditation and chanting – with also room for a little emotional manipulation in your leadership style. This is a Yin approach as against the outwardly-directed Yang ego-trip, and Mars can still be disciplined and driven, especially when fighting for the underdog. 

Mars casts its influence on both Mercury and Venus until November 17th, so take care not to become angry or frustrated in your communication, and there’s also no need to rush your relationships.

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