Rahu, planet of rebellion and desire, is in pada (part) three of Revati from January 1st to March 4th 2024.

Revati translates to ‘The Wealthy’, and sits well with Rahu’s materialistic energy, where you run on desire and ambition. You like to do things differently with Rahu, and embracing the unusual can go as far as deliberately shocking and provoking a reaction.

This nakshatra pada relates to Aquarius navamsha, the chart of relationship and good luck, where Rahu has subtle strength, and you can rebel while still keeping your gift for politics and organization. The underlying Saturn-ruled quality here sees you injecting a practical quality into your ideals and being the voice of experience in any venture.

You can enhance your prosperity and security, and bond with a foreign or exotic type of partner. Revati’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Protect’, enhances your generosity and you may set up a structure to donate and be of more lasting benefit.

Prosperity comes from following a smart, worldly attitude, and a long-term outlook, where you are not put off by a strict program of work. This applies to yoga and meditation, where you have the right focus and discipline.

Pada three’s ‘Kama’ tendency also focuses on your relationships, where you are fulfilling your desires, and may find someone who acts as a kind of intimate business partner. Rahu squeezed between the contrasting influences of Jupiter and Saturn through this transit, sees you finding a balance between adventure and realism.

Rahu also casts its influence on romantic Venus up to January 18th, which may be time to break out of a familiar romantic pattern and take on a new role with somebody close to you.

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