Venus, planet of relationship and values, enters Jyeshtha from January 7th to 18th 2024, the last nakshatra in the zodiacal sign of Scorpio.

Jyeshtha is ‘The Elder’, and its ruling devata is Indra, King of the Gods, so you focus on taking charge of your love life and relations with a larger group of people. You may be attracted to somebody older or more influential, or else you are the voice of experience in a romantic situation.

This nakshatra is deep and intense, and now is a great opportunity to get beneath the surface and know somebody very well. A private friendship might move on to a new level, or you have to decide between two different partners.

Jyeshtha’s symbol of a Talisman or Umbrella sees you offering protection, for yourself and people closest to you, or you find somebody who acts as your lucky charm. Venus is adept at diplomacy so you may speak up on behalf of a cause, or look into insurance or a fall-back position that provides security.

This asterism is associated with Goddess Alakshmi, who signifies privation or hardship, so making new business relationships or giving somebody an opportunity creates goodwill. Be careful of taking a financial risk, however.

Jyeshtha’s Shakti, or special power, is also for Courage in Battle, so you can press an argument that has lain beneath the surface and get the issues out in the open, before using your tactful qualities to win the peace. Venus under the influence of cool, practical Saturn through this transit, gives you a longer-term outlook on love.

It may be hard to reach an agreement with your partner at first, and you also need a strict balance between work and leisure. Persistence pays, however, and you end up with a better romantic understanding.

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