Mercury, planet of intelligence, goes retrograde in Rohini from May 10th to June 3rd 2022, and remains in the sign of Taurus all the way.

You are rethinking an old question or else new light shines on a problem that did not make sense before. This is a maximum-length 24-day retrograde phase where Mercury moves even more slowly than usual, so expect delays in your communication and at least one change of opinion.

Don’t be afraid to defer judgement, even if an offer appears too good to miss – facts usually emerge by the end of a retrograde period that you could not possibly have known at the start. Rohini likes to have all the details of a situation solidly planted, but it still pays to leave wriggle-room in your negotiations.

On the plus side, a small message or media post may turn into a fully formed article or even a book, and you can redraft a think-piece and make it more stylish and creative. You have discipline and craft in your research, and can reimagine and edit your writing and get it all down in solid, readable form.

Back your data up: any problem with technology leads you to explore the issues and you emerge from this transit better informed about the business of getting your message out. Mercury reverses into Krittika from May 14th, whose symbol is a Razor-blade, and your mind acquires a scalpel-like discrimination.

You decide more quickly by this point, but it still pays to move with caution and not be cornered into a hasty purchase or decision. The intense lunar eclipse on May 16th may also act as a trigger for you to go back on a choice or promise, so pay close attention to all the issues. 

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