Saturn, planet of karma and success, goes retrograde in Aquarius-Dhanishtha on June 4th until July 12th 2022.

This is the planet’s annual five-month backwards phase where themes of the year so far repeat and are ground in for the long term. Saturn is in Aquarius for only a short time before it reverts back into its other home sign of Capricorn, but take a mental note of even small events during this window, which will repeat and amplify next year when Saturn returns to Aquarius.

This is a potentially revolutionary transit, where you experience what happens after you have overthrown an established old way of getting things done. Saturn is always practical, so as well as the usual idealistic Aquarian themes, you are concerned with how to implement your new rules and boundaries, and your relationship with others on the same path.

Dhanishtha nakshatra translates to ‘the wealthy one’, so you are concerned with material effects and what you will receive from making major changes. With any retrograde transit, this process usually takes longer than you expect, so prepare for a long stretch of business and perhaps to go back and forwards in your own mind about your big ideas.

Saturn especially rules Time itself, so allowing an extended phase to arrive at your goals will get the best from this phase. Don’t rush or try to take shortcuts. An ambition or commitment may go through a make-or-break experience, where you decide if it will bear the weight of expectation and your future ambitions.

Saturn is also the Lord of Karma, so a fated introduction or unexpected change in your work setup may be decisive, and you learn a lesson which appears to have been waiting for you.

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