Mars, planet of action and competition, is placed in Ardra nakshatra in the sign of zodiacal Gemini from March 27th to April 22nd 2023.

Ardra is the deepest and most intense part of Gemini, in sharp contrast to this sign’s light, airy image, and you get into psychic research and tough emotionally-based decisions as you cut away spare or outworn elements from your life.

You can see both sides of every proposition and the soft or vulnerable side behind people’s hard exterior, with great insight into anybody who may be in difficulty. Ardra’s Shakti, or special power, is for ‘Effort’, and Mars now offers not only encouragement but a practical solution, which makes you a potentially excellent coach or counsellor.

This nakshatra is ruled by Rudra the Storm God, which represents an emotional tempest leading to sudden transformation and an overwhelming feeling bubbling up from within. Likewise, Ardra’s symbol of a Teardrop sees nostalgic or sentimental feelings overwhelming you, so try to keep in control and don’t allow these sensations to detract from your focus.

Despite all this, Ardra is also known for a detached and businesslike manner, where you can steel yourself to do important tasks under stressful conditions. Beyond a certain point, worldly ambitions bring only limited satisfaction and at these moments it is better to turn your attention to spiritual goals.

From March 31st, Mars exchanges signs with Mercury, planet of communication, which gives you an extra-articulate and passionate way of expressing yourself.

Channel your energy into deep study or promoting a cause you believe in, and you can argue and campaign clearly and effectively.

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