Mercury, planet of communication and commerce is in the nakshatra of Revati within the zodiacal sign of Pisces from April 9th to 17th 2021.

Mercury thrives on analysis and discrimination and is not at home in Pisces, whose natural mode is imagination and intuition. Yet while you struggle with detail, your ability to solve problems by pure instinct can prove even more valuable in the end.

Stay open and receptive to your impressions, which prove uncannily accurate. Revati translates to ‘the wealthy’ and promises fortunes and good manners, all of which are good for Mercury and its love of business deals.

You can reach out and bring people together with real generosity of spirit, and Revati’s sattvic nature sees your plans having an elevated or spiritual quality. You also love to socialize and be seen, and may accept an invitation you would otherwise ignore – there is a mixture of pleasure and professional interest on offer.

This nakshatra is linked with journeying and hospitality towards travellers in particular – its Shakti, or unique gift, is To Protect – so you may be on the road or offering lodgings with the potential to turn a profit. Speaking up for a friend in need or a good cause is also well favoured and you have a genuine desire to help.

Revati’s symbol the Drum shows the march of time – you may be finishing up old projects or setting yourself a writing deadline. Mercury receiving the influence of strict, sober Saturn through this transit would usually put a brake on your communication, but again, having some positive boundaries and a cut-off point to work towards is in your favour.

From April 11th, Mercury is also surrounded by the benevolent planets Venus and Jupiter, so your intentions are well supported and friends are there to back your ideas.

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