Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada Pada 4 (♓ Pisces)

Jul 8 to Sept 9

From July 8th to September 9th, 2024, Rahu, the north node of the Moon, transits through Uttara Bhadrapada in Pisces. Influenced by Scorpio navamsha and its ruler Mars, this placement enhances emotional depth and intensity in relationships, fostering transformative experiences and profound connections. The nakshatra’s power, symbolized by its ability to ‘Bring Rain,’ suggests fertility and the awakening of kundalini energy, especially through shared yoga practices. As Rahu aspects Venus starting August 24th, a yearning for romantic freedom emerges, prompting exploration of new relationships and experiences.

Ketu in Hasta Pada 2 (♍ Virgo)

Jul 8 to Sept 9

From July 8th to September 9th, 2024, Ketu transits through Hasta Pada Two in Taurus navamsa, blending its spiritual essence with tangible aspects of life. Hasta’s symbol, the Hand, underscores skills and commerce, aligning with Taurus’ emphasis on relationships and material security. This period encourages balancing Ketu’s spiritual pursuits with practical needs like comfort and financial stability. You may find grounding in significant relationships or through monetizing intuitive skills such as divination or spiritual healing, leveraging Hasta’s natural talents.

​​Jupiter in Rohini (♉️ Taurus)

Pada 3 – Jul 13 to Jul 30
Pada 4 – Jul 30 to Aug 20

Jupiter is in Rohini pada (part) three within the sign of Taurus from July 13th to 30th. Rohini embodies earthy, luxury-loving Taurus in many ways, but is not the easiest place for scholarly, spiritual Jupiter to do well. Rohini’s Shakti ‘To Grow’, plays to Jupiter’s expansive tendency and suits a quest for greater space and freedom. Rohini Pada three relates to Gemini navamsa, the chart of marriage and spirituality, which gives Jupiter a versatile and curious quality, especially in a partnership.

From July 30th to August 20th Jupiter goes into Rohini pada four. This transit is part of Jupiter’s swift movement through Taurus in 2024, where it pays you to be alert to an offer or career break as it arises.

Taurus is not a friendly sign for Jupiter, but Pada four of Rohini relates to Cancer Navamsha, the area where Jupiter is at its most giving and powerful. This contrast between sign and pada requires you to be thorough and careful while rewarding your generous instincts and gestures.

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