The Sun, star of soul and self-expression, is in the Gandanda zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius, and Jyeshtha and Mula on December 12th until 19th.

This double junction area extending either side of zodiacal fire and water signs and nakshatras, can bring a period of confusion, where your plans have a provisional quality and you may struggle to get practical business done.

The Sun goes through the borderlands and tests its natural assurance and sense of identity. The solar principle is about charisma and confidence, and the Sun also shines a light wherever it transits, but you have to create solid ground under your feet and work extra hard, at least for the first three days of this spell.

The fourth pada of Jyeshtha, December 12th-14th also relates to Pisces navamsha – the spirituality and relationship subchart – which stresses imagination and empathy, qualities which will be more useful at this time than the usual solar swagger.

The Gandanta energy is otherworldly and self-effacing, and people may take advantage of your reflective demeanour, yet Jyeshta’s Shakti is also for ‘Courage in Battle’, and you can stand up for yourself, even while the issues you are fighting over are shifting.

By December 16th, the Sun enters Sagittarius-Mula, and the atmosphere changes abruptly. Ideas you have thought up in quiet and private can be put out into the world and your assertiveness comes back redoubled. Still, Mula has a disruptive and unconventional quality – its Shakti is to ‘ruin and break apart’ – so be careful of rushing headlong into any new enterprise.

The Sun is also hemmed between planetary enemies Mars and Saturn through this transit, which gives an extra testing and unsupported quality, where it is essential to take things slowly.

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