Together helps you get lucky, together

The NEW Together feature, available now on the align27 app, maps your birth chart with loved ones or colleagues to determine common prime times to do important things together.

It shows auspicious and not so auspicious days, times and moments so you can plan your work, rest or play time according to your astrology.

Simply select the profile you want to match your chart with and in a few seconds the app will generate your mutual lucky times.

Crown Days
– these days are Majestic for you

Victorious Day
– powerful to achieve mutual goals

Collaborate Day – a good day, you can make it work

Same Wavelength Day – on par with some extra effort

TLC for “Anita” Day – be patient, you’re unaligned

Binge Watch Day
– not for important tasks, don’t talk

Airplane Mode Day – not the best day to get things done

It will also show you days when you might want to avoid doing/communicating about anything important together – a time when you need to hit Airplane Mode on each other and also Victorious days – the best days to get anything done.

Our newly launched Crown Day icon also features in Together, which are days you can definitely mark in your calendar as the absolute majestic days for you both.

An active Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime subscription will be needed in order to buy and use the Together module.

The new app update also includes:

  • New Moon 2.5 Chandrashtama feature – including notifications.
  • Crown Days on the Planner page show the utmost auspicious days.
  • Transit Do’s and Don’ts for the month.
  • Find rituals by category tag button.
  • Daily rituals tick box checklist.
  • Rituals sorted into ‘current’ or ‘earlier in the day’ sections.
  • Keyword “search” box to find rituals, articles and transits content.
  • Find your Ascendant and Nakshatra in Your Birth Chart section.
  • Key Rituals and articles on the home page.
  • Be the first to hear about/test the Enterprise edition of align27.
  • Settings to change the way the Rahu Ketu nodes are calculated.
  • New FAQ’s.
  • Widgets: Ascendant and Lock Screen
  • Design, UI & UX enhancements.
  • Bug fixes
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