In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is considered the planet of restriction, discipline, patience and endurance. Its position in your birth chart significantly influences your life as Saturn is the planet that rules our “Karma”.

You can analyze your birth chart in various ways to find the strength and favorability of Saturn.

Effects of Favorable Saturn

  1. Solid belief in hardwork without relying on luck and other external factors is a sign of a strong Saturn.
  2. Willingness to wait for the right moment combined with a remarkable ability to endure and persevere through tough times is a sign of a favorable Saturn.
  3. Ability to organize, structure and plan to manage time and resources is one of the most remarkable qualities of a favorable Saturn.
  4. Strong sense of duty and responsibility even when things don’t happen your way.
  5. When things don’t go your way, if you have the ability to endure hardships and overcome obstacles know that you have a strong Saturn which will never let you give up so easily.
  6. Aging gracefully with wisdom and gaining the trust of people around you is a sign of a positive Saturn.

Effects of Unfavorable Saturn

  1. Fear, pessimistic thoughts, focus on limitations rather than opportunities and possibilities indicate an unfavorable Saturn.
  2. Being overly cautious, insecure and miserly indicates negative energy of Saturn.
  3. Experiencing significant delays and a feeling of loss that act as barriers to your growth and progress in life.
  4. Conflicts with people in power and the inability to win their favors.
  5. Depressions and deep emotions that affect your mental health is also an important sign of a unfavorable Saturn.
  6. Dryness – When your skin/throat gets dry quickly, know that you need remedies to strengthen your Saturn.

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