Venus, planet of love, luxury the arts, is retrograde in Cancer from August 7th until September 4th 2023.

This is the second phase of Venus’s six-week retrograde spell, which began in Leo on July 23rd, as it now retreats into sensitive, protective Cancer, where you think deeply about relationships and how to create security.

Venus in Cancer is less busy and complex in many ways than its recent passage through Leo, and while you are strongly affected by your moods, you can get a better understanding now of yourself and people close to you.

Ashlesha gives you sharp instincts and though you are capable of taking the lead, you’re more inclined to scrutinize and wait for somebody else to move. A sideways look at a friend, family member or co-worker, reveals their unexpected vulnerability, or perhaps quirky sense of humour.

You may also show a hidden side of yourself, of course. Tread carefully through this time, and treat even a familiar face as if they are a new arrival in your life. Venus is retrograde only every eighteen months, so any insight is a precious gift, which you can store in your memory bank for times ahead.

This is a potentially productive window for creativity and artistic collaboration, where you edit and rethink your previous work, or act on a new stimulus. Keep copies of your old versions, and leave your options open with any image change or makeover plan.

Get expert advice if you are making a major sale or purchase, and be extra careful of cashing in on an asset to raise funds. Venus direct after September 4th may see you changing your mind back again.

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