Saturn in Aquarius is in close proximity to the Sun from January 31st to March 6th 2023.

The planet of boundaries, karma and success, is lost in the Sun’s glare through this transit, and symbolically becomes invisible. The vital organizing power and effect of Saturn is dissipated, and there may be a loosening or unbinding effect in your life, especially in efforts which require structure and foresight.

Combustion is similar to an eclipse, where a planet is behaves out of character, and it is best to factor this into your decision-making. Especially where two bodies are planetary enemies and their respective natures are sharply at odds: Saturn is dark, cold and disciplined, while the Sun’s light and warmth has a natural tendency to enliven.

Their coming together demands a balance, where a careful and premeditated approach is lightened by solar confidence and spontaneity. Your creative efforts may be more technique than inspiration, and you fall back on pure professionalism to deliver to deadline.

Be careful of any clash with authority, as other people may take a controlling interest in your business and you feel obliged to play by their rules. Yet you also need some spark in your life and should not resort to simple repetition or compromise your core beliefs.

Take your time over a project and perhaps refer back to an outline you have already laid down – play it safe until normal conditions return. This transit is at its maximum power from February 14th to 19th, as the Sun enters Aquarius and crosses over Saturn directly.

February 16th especially may see a turning point, and even a smart new idea emerging, though you are tested and stretched, and need all your physical and psychic energy.

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