Venus planet of love and luxury, is in Vishakha nakshatra which lies across the signs of Libra and Scorpio from December 3rd to 14th 2020.

This nakshatra is ruled by Indragni, a combination of Indra, King of the Gods, and Agni, the embodiment of divine fire, which creates a passionate and powerful mixture of energies. You are fiery and impulsive and may have a transformative experience in relationship where deep emotions take you to another level. The majority of this transit sees Venus strong in its own zodiacal sign, where you have the ability to be balanced and tolerant, while bringing romantic flair to any situation.  Yet after December 11th especially there is potential for jealousy and possessiveness, which you can avert with careful and conscious handling.

The Shakti or special power of Vishakha is to ‘achieve many fruits in life’, which is ideal for luxury-loving Venus and gives you the potential to mix with people from all walks of life: make the most of this power and widen your circle of aquaintance. This nakshatra’s symbol is a Victory Arch, and you have high standards for your relationships now, always with one eye on your status and security. With your great focus and intensity, you can tune out distractions that take you away from your task or mission. Somebody may accuse you of being all business, but you simply like to have a goal to work towards and want the very best.

Remember, real affection is the main principle of relationship and you might take care you are not compromised and don’t get drawn into someone else’s power games. This transit climaxes with a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on December 14th, where you need all your charm and people skills to negotiate the extra intensity and a potential karmic shift in your affairs.
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