Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is combust by the life-giving Sun in Leo from August 31 – Sep 14th 2023.

This condition arises when Mercury is close to the Sun, where it gets burnt up in the solar glare and loses a great deal of its power to communicate. Mercury combust is actually invisible in the sky, and symbolically you may feel that your thoughts and opinions ‘disappear’, or are overlooked or unheard.

The Sun is especially bright and powerful in Leo, and you may feel overshadowed by a strong personality at work or at home, or by an issue that is troubling you. A tough choice or deadline makes you restless or anxious, and you can’t get proper perspective on your situation. Mercury in Leo usually makes you confident and set in your opinions, with a natural sense of theatrics, but you may struggle precisely when these inspirational qualities are undermined.

Mercury is also retrograde during this transit, which adds to your feeling of confusion, particularly when you need to retrace your steps over a recent idea or purchase. A moment of inspiration may arrive before this transit reaches maximum intensity on September 6th and 7th, and you have a change of views in relation to travel, study or business.

You either confide your views to somebody in authority or hold your silence, but resist the urge to create a dramatic scene to draw attention to your frustration. This is not an ideal transit for a big decision, or for written, academic or media work, though you can review, rethink and prepare for a major launch later on.

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