Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, is in the nakshatra of Chitra altogether from September 13th to October 9th, which includes its retrograde phase starting September 27th.

Chitra translates to ‘the brilliant’ and is symbolized by a shining jewel, reflecting its brightness in the night sky, and it brings skill with arts, crafts and design. You may be interested in precious stones and metals – along with bright, colourful people.

This asterism is ruled by Vishwakarma the celestial architect, showing a grand and ambitious project where you put the mental energy in at the beginning, then the hands-on work comes later.

Chitra’s Shakti, or unique gift, is the ‘Power to Collect Merit’, so it is vital to pursue positive and life-supporting ambitions which ensure your wishes succeed. You present ideas well, with a stylish and eye-catching way of speaking that makes people sit up and take notice.

In both the commercial and political worlds, you have tact and insight, and find exactly the right words to say – in the early Virgo section you have brains and precision, while the Libra part gives you charm and diplomacy. Either selling drawing a crowd with your cleverness, this is a time to shine and put your message across.

Your earnest manner hides a good sense of humour and you can find somebody to connect with on a natural mental wavelength. You love to flirt and mix with new people too, and you let someone see the chaotic centre that lies underneath your surface calm and composure.

Mercury joins romantic Venus by September 23rd and you combine the clever and creative with an enhanced ability for persuasion, and win someone round to your way of thinking.

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