Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and the exotic, enters the second pada of Mrigashira within the sign of Taurus on September 23rd. The sign change is a big moment, as Rahu moves from Gemini into Taurus after eighteen tumultuous months, with the 2020 portion in particular being the most eventful of all. 

A new section of your chart gets activated, and Rahu’s association with eclipses sees sudden change and elimination happening at key points through its transit. 

Mrigashira‘s name means ‘to hunt’ and its mythical symbol is the Deer, which is depicted being chased across the skies by Brahma the Creator, filled with desire and ambition. This nakshatra sees you pursuing a great wish, either in the pleasure-loving sense, or with in a search for knowledge or a quest for meaning. 

Rahu itself is also about desire and a sometimes obsessive karmic compulsion, so it is a case of channelling your heart and mind and focusing on a target that is worth your while. 

Pada two of Mrigashira relates to Virgo navamsha – the relationship and spirituality chart – so clarity, communication and commonsense are uppermost. Rahu does well in rational signs, which counteract its natural tendency to act first and think later, so a little Mercury-ruled discrimination will be a big support. 

Mrigashira‘s Shakti, or special gift, is to ‘Provide Fulfilment’, so there is promise of success here if you are bold and open-minded. Perhaps you will study a new subject, in pursuit of a different kind of truth, or else Rahu now will let you see and express things clearly. You can break out of the box in terms of your thinking or bring new knowledge to bear on a subject that fascinates you.

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