Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, comes together with the shadow planet Rahu in Aries from April 23rd until October 30th 2023.

This transit is a combination of opposites in many ways, between the optimistic and protective influence of Jupiter, and Rahu’s dark, revolutionary and contrary nature.

The next six months promise great things for a potential promotion, financial windfall, or even sudden fame, though you examine how far you are prepared to go to fulfil your desires.

A tempting offer may involve travel, radical change, or a challenge to your belief system, and you only realize what is involved once you are committed. You encounter exotic and influential people, some of whom live outside the law, and in the process learn a lot about real-world power and politics.

Expect a compromise between the stated aims of an organization versus its actual practices, but you need not be drawn into the same kind of behaviour. Jupiter and Rahu are closest together between May 26th and June 1st, and this window in particular sees your ambitions on fire.

Aries is a friendly sign to Jupiter, where you tap into your pioneering courage, so it pays to be first and innovate where possible. Conversely, caution is advised with unpredictable Rahu, but it still pays to seize an opportunity if you have a good instinct.

You may combine Jupiter’s knowledge and belief with Rahu’s commercial skills, and become a kind of spiritual entrepreneur. This is done to bring bona-fide wisdom to a wider audience, without compromising your integrity, and should not be about any gimmick or shortcut.

The cooling influence of karmic Saturn in Aquarius on this whole transit steadies your judgement, and though you have to find a way through budgetary and ethical issues, the benefits of your work should endure for longer.

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