Sun, planet of self and spirituality, is in the nakshatra of Chitra, half in the sign of Virgo and half in zodiacal Libra from October 11th to 24th 2023.

Chitra’s Shakti is the ‘Power to Collect Merit’, so you are invested in good works and business which produce a life-supporting effect. You come across well to anyone who can help you, with a flair for presentation which makes you ambitious enough to raise your sights to truly impressive creativity.

This nakshatra also gives you the power of communication where you have tact, diplomacy and know exactly how to behave in any setting. Chitra itself is among the brightest stars in the night sky, whose name means ‘the brilliant’ and its symbol is a shining jewel, which reflects the Sun’s status as the day-star.

The Sun illuminates an aspect of your life which may have been dark or obscured, wherever it is found, so be on the lookout for an unexpected opportunity. Chitra is ruled by Vishwakarma the celestial architect, and brings a talent and appreciation for arts and crafts, where you have an eye for bright or colourful materials.

You are on a heroic quest which revolves around creating and beautifying your image and surroundings, which may all benefit from a rethink. You take pride in your work, and the first half of this transit especially finds you working hard and getting the benefits of a practical daily routine.

From October 18th, Sun receives the influence of its friend, expansive Jupiter, and gives you a broader and more philosophical outlook. Think big and take advantage of this excellent time for your travel and study plans.

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