Mercury, the planet of thought and commerce, is in the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs and nakshatras from August 18th to September 7th, 2024.

This double-junction area translates to a ‘knot-end’ and stretches from the final pada of Cancer-Ashlesha through the first of Leo-Magha, where an unstable and karmic quality makes it hard to commit. Your thought and speech changes from emotion-based and perhaps rather suspicious in Ashlesha, to open and unconcerned in proud Magha.

You can expect strange ideas and attitudes from people close to you as well, and it pays to allow friends some leeway to change their minds. An agreement that you thought settled may be thrown up in the air when a partner or collaborator pulls out. Mercury also moves slowly retrograde in Cancer up to August 29th and extends this Gandanta period with another layer of complexity. You may be waiting for information to arrive and can’t move forward until you have definite facts.

While in Cancer up to September 4th, Mercury is also caught in between the all-powerful Sun and pushy Mars, and there’s pressure on you to decide and commit, though you may not yet be ready. It pays to take extra care with all contractual or media-related business at this point, though a decision may be taken out of your hands in a fated way.

You try to anticipate every angle, but a question arises that finds you unprepared and you have to think again. You need to adapt quickly if a friend is out of touch, or you are not on the same page together – or else you have to work extra hard to bring different opinions together.

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