Mars in Krittika Nakshatra (Aries and Taurus) - Get things done

Mars, a planet of energy and assertiveness, is in Krittika, the nakshatra spanning the zodiacal signs of Aries and Taurus, between July 7th and 27th, 2024.

There are two distinct portions to this nakshatra; first in fiery, assertive Aries where Mars is at home, and then in earthy Taurus where your actions are slower and more deliberate.

Mars entering Taurus after July 12th comes together with expansive Jupiter and sees you following a long-term goal that needs extra stamina and confidence. Rather than a sudden leap, you think your prospects through carefully and apply steady, focused energy.

You can get to the heart of your plans and ambitions with scalpel-like judgment, or cut through confusion on the way to a decisive move. Mars is the planet of muscle and movement, and a strong physical workout also burns energy and weight, as you whip yourself into shape.

Plan a program of activity ahead of time, to prevent your energy backing up, or coming out in a sudden, unexpected way. Krittika also has an association with digestive fire, where you may be on a special diet, or engaged in cooking, catering and entertainment.

Mercury in Ashlesha (Cancer) -  Speak the hidden truth

Mercury, the planet of intelligence, is in Cancer-Ashlesha from July 9th to 19th, 2024, the ‘serpent nakshatra’ associated with protectiveness and emotional insight.

This transit combines rational thinking and native instinct, where your task is to separate your thoughts from your feelings. As a planet of commerce, Mercury sees you using your business skills and native wit to manage money and spot a new opening.

Hidden agendas are the order of the day and this transit may also bring you into a toxic atmosphere, where people say one thing and do another. This can bring moments where you are overwhelmed with feelings and at a loss for words. You have excellent empathic skills to get beneath surface appearances, detecting games and manipulation from people, and perhaps even using some of your own.

Mercury comes together with sweet-talking Venus through this whole transit, and you walk a line between flirtation and self-protection. You know how to say the right thing, but are secretly looking for something more than a surface connection, and are ready to wait for your moment.

Venus in Pushya (Cancer)-  Give & receive support

Venus, the planet of art, luxury and relationship, is in Pushya in the sign of Cancer from July 9th to 20th, 2024.

You give and receive special love, and make your partner feel safe, though be careful of becoming too emotional or overwhelming. Expect somebody close to reach out or need help, or somebody may step up for you and offer healing and a kind of rescue experience. Pushya also has a moveable, proactive quality where you take the initiative in a relationship, rather than wait for someone to approach you.

Up to July 12th especially, you are romantically bold and may even seek to make a conquest.

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