Sun, planet of self and spirit, is in Cancer-Ashlesha from August 3rd to 17th, the nakshatra associated with insight and personal transformation.

Ashlesha’s ruling devatas are The Naghas, the shape-shifting serpents known in mythology for their deadly venom, who acted as the guardians of heavenly wealth. You reflect their worldly wisdom and cunning now, knowing which buttons to press and how to keep a secret in pursuit of your ambitions.

A serpent-like process plays out, where your solar ego and individuality sheds a layer and you become a subtly different person, according to your wishes. The Sun is planet of kingship, so taking the lead requires use of psychology, perhaps even some manipulation on your part, as you bait your hook and get people onside.

Serpents have the power to hypnotize, so you also encounter compelling and charismatic types who has a strong fascination, or someone who keeps their real motivations hidden. Others may suspect you of tricky behaviour too, so expect to do some bargaining before anyone gives up their secrets.

The Shakti of this asterism is ‘to inflict venom’, so strike first out of protectiveness, or else find ways to deal with a toxic atmosphere at home and at work. The Sun picks up the influence of expansive Jupiter through this whole transit, which plays to your adventurous streak and ability to visualize the big picture.

Ashlesha symbolizes the coiled serpent chakra at the base of the spine, and Jupiter inspires you to channel this yogic energy in a sublime and upward direction. Up to August 7th, the Sun also sits between the benevolent planets Mercury and Venus, where you have the gift of persuasion and know how to send out the right message.

A difficult sell goes more easily and you win support for an ambition from more than one source.

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