Mercury, planet of media and commerce, enters the nakshatra of Magha in the sign of Leo on July 31st 2022.

This nakshatra translates to ‘The Grand’ and its symbol of a Royal Throne-Room shows your communication becoming more confident and outgoing. You arrive at a decision by intuitive certainty, where you already sense the answer to any question and defy anyone to disagree.

Such a fixed mentality helps you get over obstacles and stay upbeat about the future, though Magha’s fiery nature and stubbornness may also see you being drawn into disputes. Declaring a grand truth has an affirming effect, and you end up leading by example and inspiration.

You have pride wrapped up in your beliefs and prefer to take centre-stage: Magha has a natural dramatic flair, where you inject a theatrical touch into your everyday conversation, or perhaps take an actual artistic or acting role.

People respond to your fiery rhetoric and you can talk and persuade people when before they were on the fence. Magha’s ruling deity The Pitris, the ancestral spirits, gives you a sense of being made for a particular role, though this may lead to a grand and rather entitled attitude.

Make sure you can back your claims up, and have a good argument ready if anyone questions your position. You love to point to an achievement everyone can see, and with a strong record to sustain you, you’re the most giving and generous of people.

Keep your mental energy ticking over too and note down your best ideas: this nakshatra has a laid-back quality where you only exert yourself when strictly necessary. Instead, thinking and working around the clock keeps you ahead of the field and people are drawn to your positive and can-do style.

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