Mercury, planet of thought and speech, enters Ardra nakshatra, in the sign of Gemini on July 5th until 12th.

In its own sign, Mercury gives you curiosity and clarity of mind, where you can dive into a subject and become an instant expert. Ardra’s symbol, a Teardrop, immerses you in empathy, anger and deep talk, where sharing ideas or just simple conversation evokes a strong sentimental response.

This nakshatra’s ruler, Rudra the Storm God, symbolizes a downpour in the literal sense, but also inner tempests and psychic upheaval. So as well as a light and Mercurial mentality, this transit is good for research and investigation where you are emotionally invested and have powerful insight.

One minute you are completely rational, the next overwhelmed with emotion, and the slightest trigger can tip your feelings over. You are sympathetic and find the right words for a friend in need, yet also steel yourself for a tough task or to deliver a difficult decision. In this you can be detached and positively clinical.

In a work crisis, you get credit for keeping a cool head and removing a problem with ultimate professionalism, apparently without a second thought. Be careful if this contrast between your mind and emotions confuses people who can’t understand your widely diverging responses – this is the classic Gemini duality.

Ardra’s Shakti, or special power for Effort makes this a good time to put hours in pursuit of your studies or a task that needs completing to deadline. Mercury also moves alongside the all-powerful Sun during this transit, which gives you a smart and lively mind with extra ego-investment in your ideas.

Make big demands on your mental energy and you will look back having achieved a lot.

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