A partial Lunar Eclipse arrives in Aries-Ashwini on October 28th.

This event is the complement to the Solar Eclipse of October 14th and the final eclipse of the series with Rahu and Ketu in Aries and Libra. A Lunar eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon, which brings a recent busy phase of activity to a climax, often with a final issue or obstacle being removed.

An intense atmosphere on the day may only last a matter of hours, but its impact lasts far beyond the moment. Any plan or business which has hung in the balance may take a decisive turn, or else events conspire to bring change from the outside.

There is a karmic quality to this event, so anything you say or do may be misunderstood or exaggerated. It’s not advised to make a big decision or long journey, or begin any important business, but to remain indoors if possible.

Meditation has greatly enhanced benefits around the eclipse hour, especially if you live in its path of visibility, and mantra chanting focuses your psychic intent. Aries and Ashwini in particular, is associated with speed and impulsiveness, but waiting a day at least before giving your word avoids being drawn down an unpredictable path.

This event also sees dynamic Mars and philosophical Jupiter facing each other across Libra and Aries, which adds yet more drama and adventure. A political or philosophical difference may come to the fore, and you go into battle for your beliefs.

You may also switch positions suddenly on a big idea, but be mindful not to let a small difference grow into a major dispute.

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