The Sun, planet of light and identity, is in the nakshatra of Swati from October 24th to November 6th 2023.

Swati brings a focus on fairness and balance, where your skills are to be an ambassador or go-between, and art, justice and forgiveness also come to the fore. You have tact and diplomacy, though may take time to make your mind up.

This nakshatra’s rulership by Vayu, the Wind God, puts an emphasis on voice and communication, and the simultaneous influence of Mercury also in Swati, sees you creating value from your speech. Wind, in the form of breath, is also associated with mantra-chanting and particularly pranayama, a timeless yogic technique best studied with an experienced teacher.

The Sun beams light on hidden issues, and discovering a talent or lost piece of information may rekindle a creative ambition and give you inspiration for an artistic project. You take pride in your performance and either showcase your skills, or simply treat life as an expression of your art.

Swati’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Scatter Like the Wind’, finds you throwing out creative ideas and seeing what grows – nothing ventured, nothing gained – though your scattergun tactics can end up being ‘hit and hope’.

Try to make your efforts follow a proper purpose and plan. The Sun receives the benevolent gaze of philosophical Jupiter through this whole transit, an effect which increases up to November 4th.

You have greater confidence and decisiveness at this point, and erring on the side of adventure creates an unexpected door that would otherwise remain closed.

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