Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality and intuition, enters the fourth pada of Anuradha in the sign of Scorpio on June 1st.

Anuradha is an auspicious nakshatra whose symbol of a Gateway or Triumphal Arch shows promise of personal success, though it is also associated with good relations and friendship. Its fourth pada also relates to Scorpio in the navamsha chart – ruling marriage and spirituality – so there is a strong, transformative quality here that suits Ketu’s otherworldly nature.

Your victory may be on the inner level, where you make a breakthrough with your meditation practice and achieve a sense of a permanent change. Scorpio is Mars-ruled, and Ketu is also of the nature of Mars, so there is an additional intensity which sees you exploring deeper sides of every issue, with a sense of competitive energy.

Keep focused on the task at hand and don’t let your mind wander – Ketu is the ruler of accidents, which can happen in an absent-minded moment, or if you let anger be displaced into your everyday routine.

Instead, channel your drive and willpower into intuitive and perhaps divinatory skills: Anuradha’s Shakti or special gift, is The Power of Devotion, so you can work up great fervour, perhaps even to the level of a genuine mystical experience.

You can also use your instincts to do deals and get ahead in business, where a good contact or group of people can lead you in the right direction. The start of this transit also coincides with Mercury retrograde, however, up to June 22nd, so use this period for research and perhaps to review an option that resurfaces from the past.

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