Mars, planet of assertion and energy, enters the nakshatra of Magha in the sign of Leo on July 20th until August 10th.

This is the Leo nakshatra par excellence where the royal planet Mars has a natural affinity, giving you willpower and a flamboyant approach that inspires others to follow. If you have recently felt underpowered or noncommittal, you can set the balance right and become dynamic and decisive.

Magha’s translation means ‘the great’ or ‘mighty’ and Mars makes you energized and focused, with big plans for your career, aiming for influential company and the circles of power.

You are generous and supportive to your friends – Magha represent the heart which pumps and gives, and it is symbolized by a royal Throne-Room, which represents its high aspirations but also form, tradition and the correct path.

Following a well-trodden road works as long as you don’t become too conservative or narrow in outlook, and while you may fight on someone else’s behalf, there’s also a sense of patronage and entitlement with this asterism.

Magha’s deity is The Pitris, the ancestral spirits, so you may take a keep-it-in-the-family attitude, looking after your close relatives first who look up to you as someone who makes things happen.  You love a romantic chase too and may be looking for a new relationship or conquest, or to put new life into your current partnership.

Magha’s Shakti is ‘the power to leave the body’ which suggests its more mystical side and association with Raja Yoga, the Royal Path. Mars also receives the sattvic and spiritual influence of Jupiter-Guru through this transit, which gives you even greater optimism and courage to defy the odds, and sees you taking on a challenge based solely on principle.

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